June 4, 2009

A little arctic history says goodbye

Rest in peace to an American hero. By the way February is winter at the North Pole isn't it? Please read the entire article as he truly did live an amazing American life.

(excerpt from)
Vice Adm. James F. Calvert dies at 88

Calvert was the commanding officer of the nuclear-powered USS Skate from December 1957 to September 1959. The submarine became the first to surface at the North Pole in February 1959. Calvert wrote about the experience in a book titled "Surface At The Pole." The trip had been made to test how well a submarine could operate in the Arctic Ocean.

Battle said deciding when to surface through the Arctic ice was "a very tricky moment," because it was unclear what kind of damage the move would cause the submarine.

"It was a very dramatic moment when he decided to pick the spot and go for it," Battle said. "At the time, it was a major feat."

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