June 2, 2009

CYBER WAG - crop killer!

CYBER WAG (computer generated Wild Ass Guess)

Not content with killing
polar bears, various animal species and ice caps, our computer modellers have been unleashed on crops throughout Africa.

The purveyors of all things alarmist (Reuters in this case) bring us the sad news
Climate change threatens African farmland -study". After I recovered from the shock that climate change was threatening an African farmland study, I read the article.

All that you need to know to identify this as an official CYBER WAG attack is found in the following paragraph:

Using climate models, they determined that if carbon emissions remain high by 2050, the number of reliable crop growing days would fall below 90 for almost 1 million square kilometers of arid and semi-arid lands in Africa.

A million square kilometers, or killometers in CYBER WAG lingo, gone in one quick computer run! Zippo, gonzo, zap. It is just a matter of time before this study (If it survives climate change) will be used for further CYBER WAG attacks on humans and animals who depend on these crops for survival, mark my word.

But as bad as this is, it may not tell the entire story, it may be worse! CYBER WAG needs to be fed in order to determine the full impact.


The study pinpointed areas in Africa where small farmers would be best served by transitioning more of their enterprise to livestock than crops.

But much remains unknown about local impacts of climate change as current climate science and models today are best suited for regional studies, the researchers said.

"There is currently a mismatch between the kind of localized climate change impact information that is urgently needed, and what can objectively be supplied," the study said.

Investment to improve the accuracy of climate models could help groups determine the communities most at risk from global warming, the researchers said.
We used to believe that if we continued to feed CYBER WAG, they would lay off a bit. But it appears the tribute payments only feed the mad modellers appetite to destroy more of the planet. Will it ever end?


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