May 18, 2009

Cyber WAG modellers are killing Polar Bears now!

Uh.. ....Well someday

The computer modellers are at it again. When will this ever end! It is bad enough that these gluttonous modellers suck vast amounts of scientific funding to destroy the planet in .....uh the future, but now they are directly targeting the poor cuddly Polar Bears!

You can read the entire forensic report of the murder here, but all you need to know is summarized in this confession of another dastardly use of Cyber WAG (computer induced wild ass guess) to decimate entire future generations of Polar Bears.

They coupled these models to projections of Arctic climate
, especially forecasts of sea ice conditions. They calculated the interplay of all these factors – some 10,000 simulations – to estimate the probabilities of future polar bear population growth or decline. Through their study, Caswell, Hunter, and their colleagues were able to link Arctic sea ice directly to population growth

That's right buddy you get them before they get you!

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