September 24, 2014

Global warming and the new robber barons


Perhaps the global warming theory’s greatest hypocrisy is using anti-capitalism to turn a profit.

AL Gore| PHOTO CREDIT Brietbart News
AL Gore| PHOTO CREDIT Britbart News
There is no shortage of hypocrisy tied to the man-made global warming meme in fact the entire “movement” is perhaps the greatest example of hubris ever inflicted on humanity. It is not even necessary to dig into the details of the agenda to see this arrogant stupidity on display, the actors are more than willing to parade their false piety through the streets for the world to marvel at.
The current poster child for the “movement” is the actor Leonardo DiCaprio who appropriately enough is best known for flying the bow of the Titanic. This of course qualifies him to lead a sinking movement as the designated UN’s Messenger of Peace when he is not riding the waves to the World Cup in a yacht owned and paid for by a fossil fuel enriched UAE billionaire.
It is fitting that DiCaprio should live such an hypocritical lifestyle as he seeks to unseat the Godfather of all hypocrisy: the Tipperless Al Gore. Gore, who famously added to his activist-generated millions by selling his profitless TV network to a nation whose sole existence is derived from pumping “bubbly crude” from the sands of the Middle East, was also in attendance at the freak show “people’s” parade on Saturday – well at least until he exited stage far left in his giant gas guzzling SUV.
As the marchers disembarked this weekend from their thousands of chariots of exhaust spewing busses the entire affair was as disconnected from reality as the theory that reportedly spawned it, which in itself is a deception. The “scientific” theory did not create the movement, the movement created the scientific theory. Anti-capitalism not the plant fertilizer carbon dioxide is the precursor to the “man-made” global warming theory

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