May 18, 2009

delicate timing ?

One reads a paragraph like this from a story in the New York Times and it makes you wonder if the scientific community really does buy into that whole evolution theory stuff or much else in the geographical record for that matter.

"One concern about climate change is its potential for disrupting the delicate timing that exists within ecosystems. If warmer temperatures cause a bird to migrate earlier in the spring, for example, it might arrive before there are enough insects for food. "

"The delicate timing that exists within ecosystems" Oh my, I wonder what the delicate timing was when that meteor slammed into the Gulf Of Mexico and about wiped out life on earth? I guess all the tyrannosauruses had their watches set for the occasion.

But you have to love the title of the article :

Climate Change Poses Threat to Synchrony of Shrimp and Its Food

As if we didn't have enough to panic about with climate change, now we got Shrimp synchrony to worry about. I hear it's great with a touch of garlic though.


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