May 29, 2009

CYBER WAG is big horn hunting !

Cyber Wag-(computer generated Wild Ass Guess)

UPI is reporting another Cyber WAG siting. Although the computer modellers have not yet killed off any of the endangered big horn sheep, they have announced their intentions to go hunting.

Not only is the Cyber WAG, hunting down these poor creatures, whom they coldly refer to as "good subjects for a mathematical model" they are doing it in a most unsportsmanlike way.

The sheep, brought to Tiburon Island in 1975, are not at risk from disease or predators...

So they have these poor animals on this island where they will now unload their computer models on them in their continuing attempts to decimate various species. Will this madness ever end?

The modellers are holding nothing back when it comes to the big horn on this island. They are bringing in hunters from all over the world to ensure they kill these sheep.

Climate change is the only variable threat to the sheep, making them good subjects for a mathematical model aimed at predicting the effects of such change, Brook and fellow researchers from Germany, the United States and Mexico said. One part of the model simulates the effect of increased drought on the sheep's population, drought being a side-effect of climate change.

And in the end they admit their true intentions, the extinction of all endangered species in the world.

Because the calculations can be adapted to other species, the study should aid in the conservation of small populations of animals elsewhere on the planet, Brook said.

As we have shown over and over again, Cyber Wag will not stop until the entire world is destroyed by the modellers computer madness.


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  1. Sorta as stupid as the Germans seeding the seas aroudn antarctica with some sorta copper powder or something. Turns out, the fish ate it...