May 17, 2009


Letters to the Editor and other People Speak

FROM-Charlottesville Daily Progress

Global warming debate not over

The lack of understanding on climate and energy is astounding. Two letters to the editor in the April 28 Daily Progress are perfect examples.

The author of “We need clean energy, clean earth” wrote about global warming for Environment Virginia.

First of all, the debate over global warming is far from decided, and it is nothing more than politically expedient to glom onto it as the rallying cry for all things green.

The letter writer decries how “… the coal lobby, big oil and the nuclear industry are all roadblocks that must be overcome.”

He continues that we can “… break our dependence on fossil fuels; repower America with clean renewable electricity and solve global warming.”

Tell me, what on earth does the nuclear industry have to do with global warming? Answer – not a thing. In fact, we can use nuclear power to break our dependence on fossil fuels. But, the letter writer doesn’t like nuclear power, so he adds it to his list of “bad.”

He may as well add puppies and kittens. They eat and poop — that has to do something bad to the environment, right?

Next, we have a letter (“Carbon emission caps would help”) that claims that carbon caps will “… create many thousands of jobs and will make energy more efficient making lower energy bills.”

Quite to the contrary, carbon caps will cripple many industries, put many thousands out of work and dramatically increase the cost of goods and electricity.

Carbon caps are the biggest scam ever formulated and, hopefully, even the speaker of the U.S. House of Represen-tatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, and the Senate majority leader, Democrat Harry Reid, are smart enough to make sure we never enact them.

The drivers to all this environmental drivel are not that complicated:

First, there is a significant amount of grant money that is up for grabs. It’s a nice economic stimulus to a few people that can continue to perpetuate many of the popular myths of global warming and climate change.

Second, people love to know about the bad stuff, and global warming is that unseen beast that turns forests to deserts.

And finally, the current federal government seems to be really needy and wants to be liked by everybody else in the world. Playing along with this canard is a perfect way to be liked.


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