May 17, 2009

Skeptics From Around the Globe


José Carlos de Almeida Azevedo PhD (Physics, MIT), former President, University of Brasilia, Brasilia, Federal District

A study done by Koutsoyianis and other authors in 2008, confirms that "the performance of the models is low, in range of 30 years (...) the projections are not reliable and the common argument that their performance is better on a large scale is unfounded. "

In 2007, K. Trenberth, IPCC scientist, said that" the IPCC makes no climate predictions. And never has. " But the shamans say that there is "scientific consensus" on the influence of CO2 on climate, which has R. Lindsay, of MIT say: "They came to the consensus before the search has begun." What are then the facts mentioned in the first paragraph? Only the poor in spirit know. It is impossible to prove whether the Earth warms or cools or began a new Ice Age announced in 1970 by many of the current visionaries of the IPCC.


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