August 24, 2013

The Deep Blue Sea

Unable to find increasing warming where it had been projected,  a  new culprit for the "missing" heat in the global warming saga has been assigned, heat is now being trapped deep in the oceans.
Huge amounts of heat – equivalent to the power of 150 billion electric kettles – are being continuously absorbed by the deep ocean, which could explain why global warming has “paused” over the past 10 to 15 years, scientists have concluded in a series of reports to explain why the Earth’s rate of warming has slowed down.
Interesting isn't it how the climate science community which has for years assured us that the science was settled seem to have been caught unaware by this possibility. After all, not only did they not project this "pause" they have never said that this deep blue hide away was a  concern to their ever evolving theory.

The reason that they are now telling us that the heat is in the oceans is because it is not increasing in the atmosphere where they had said it would be and this simple but extremely large failure of their theory should be enough to end this charade, but it won't.

My question is a simple one, how did it get there? How did the heat bypass the atmosphere as projected and go directly to the ocean depths?  I mean, if the scientist who claim to know how the climate system works have been telling us for decades that global warming was going to heat the atmosphere but now that it has paused, they now tell us that it has gone deep under the waves instead, then what caused this transformation of the theory? In some ways it is like their entire theory has fallen into a previously unknown sink hole and we are supposed to just accept this new development with unquestioning faith.

I have looked at all the projections and graphs that those IPCC folks put out and not once have I seen, heard or read anything about an ocean vacation for global warming  Did the atmosphere reach some previously unknown saturation point for heat so the heat had no choice but to take a dive into the ocean?
Consider the great lengths that science and scientist went through to prove or disprove Einstein's General Theory of Relativity yet here we have the scientific community just accepting a major change in the most important scientific theory of our time as if this was common practice and indeed it is  becoming common practice.

I remember reading something that  Kevin Trenberth wrote explaining heating the Earth, he said " the incoming radiation may warm up the ground or any object it hits, or it may just go into drying up surface water. After it rains and the sun comes out, the puddles largely dry up before the temperature goes up."

Now the worlds oceans are by no means "puddles" but isn't the  theory of  the enhanced greenhouse effect based on the belief that a slight heating of the atmosphere by CO2 will cause a positive feed back of more evaporation? And this evaporation will cause increased water vapor in the atmosphere to magnify the natural green house effect? Did this happen? Have we reached some new tipping point where, rather than causing evaporation, the heat now is forced into the deep oceans?

Remember that the global warming theory is not about the sun directly heating the Earth, that they claim is constant, rather the theory depends on radiant heat being trapped by demon CO2 in the atmosphere. So to be valid this new claim can have nothing to do with increased sun heating the oceans so to speak, but rather increased air temperatures heating the oceans. Try warming a bathtub by turning up the heat in your bathroom, you will be waiting a long time. So in affect what they are saying is that we have reached a point where the atmosphere is so warm that the increasing heat rather than heating the atmosphere is now heating the oceans,  the deep oceans no less.

It is bad enough that these "scientist" can suddenly change the criteria by which their theory is measured,  they have been doing that from the beginning, now they are changing the theory's dynamics to explain that which they did not theorize or at the very least they are changing  the sequence by which their "settled science" operates.

It is not as if they were not specific about what we should expect their theory to produce. The IPCC made projections
 The committed warming trend values show a rate of warming averaged over the first two decades of the 21st century of about 0.1°C per decade, due mainly to the slow response of the oceans. About twice as much warming (0.2°C per decade) would be expected if emissions are within the range of the SRES scenarios.
As Richard Courtney explains (emphasis in original)

In other words,
The IPCC expected that global temperature would rise at an average rate of “0.2°C per decade” over the first two decades of this century with half of this rise being due to atmospheric GHG emissions which were already in the system.

This assertion of “committed warming” should have had large uncertainty because the Report was published in 2007 and there was then no indication of any global temperature rise over the previous 7 years. There has still not been any rise and we are now way past the half-way mark of the “first two decades of the 21st century”.

So, if this “committed warming” is to occur such as to provide a rise of 0.2°C per decade by 2020 then global temperature would need to rise over the next 7 years by about 0.4°C. And this assumes the “average” rise over the two decades is the difference between the temperatures at 2000 and 2020. If the average rise of each of the two decades is assumed to be the “average” (i.e. linear trend) over those two decades then global temperature now needs to rise before 2020 by more than it rose over the entire twentieth century. It only rose ~0.8°C over the entire twentieth century.
The IPCC and the climate change activist have to find an explanation for the "lost" heat  in their projections so they simply bury it in the ocean where it is far more difficult to monitor and where the ability to monitor is so new as to take even more decades to verify any claims. they make.

In their arrogance they expect society  to just accept all of this at face value as they continue to promote policies that devastate economic growth and propagandize their shape shifting theory to school children. Now they have finally reached what amounts to the depths of their desperate attempt to maintain credibility by burying the heat deep in the oceans where no one can see or feel it. In truth the only thing that needs to be deep sixed is this nonsensical theory that has plagued mankind for a generation.

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