December 14, 2009

Copenhagen Collapse


Copenhagen: When an overblown environmental conference culminates with Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez and Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad lecturing the West on virtue, color it another shakedown.

The United Nations' Copenhagen Climate Conference is going fast into meltdown. It may be because it's not about climate anymore, but fitting a noose on the world's productive economies and extracting wealth transfers.

Poor countries have gone from defending their right to economic development as a reason for exemptions to emissions cuts to claiming a "legitimate" right to vast wealth transfers from the West to prevent emissions. They call it "climate justice."

Monday, the Group of 77, led by African states, shut down the conference for the second time, saying they would pick up their marbles and go home if the West didn't agree to their formula for emissions cutbacks and send them more than the $10 billion promised by the West.

Sudanese diplomat Lumumba Stanislaus Di-Aping said the African states would "not participate in any negotiations until the issues of Kyoto Protocol are discussed."

Having manipulated the foreign aid racket for decades, the African officials knew just what buttons to push with Western Europeans. Not surprisingly, they won concessions. No doubt they'll do it again to get more, and the Danes and other one-worlders will give them what they want.

It's no surprise it's come to this. It follows calls from environmental extremists like billionaire George Soros to have the International Monetary Fund front billions in cash to third world countries for climate control, creating a vast pool of money for Third World kleptocrats that won't be subject to accountability by pesky taxpayers.

Worse still, some at the World Bank have vowed to divert actual development and disease prevention aid help to global warming causes — something that didn't sit well with countries that actually care about real jobs and infrastructure.

Meanwhile, a draft climate accord by the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, calling for a 50% cut in global emissions by 2050, has been kicked down the road till 2015 or 2016. Gee, maybe it's not the most urgent threat facing humankind after all.

This shows that all the pretty words about going green and controlling climate have turned into nothing but a money-grab.

Maybe the reality is sinking in that the entire science of climate change is a sham.

The hacked CRU e-mails of the University of East Anglia show science has been corrupted by supposedly respected scientists in charge of the climate data at the university from the beginning. They falsified data and repressed inconvenient facts and then tried to silence real scientists who tried to determine the truth.

In such an atmosphere of unreality, it's no surprise the radical thugs attracted to United Nations extravaganzas were out in force.

In Copenhagen, violent radical extremists burned cars and spattered the Danish capital with graffiti in the name of the environment. Over 1,200 were arrested over the weekend, with the bacchanalia of barbarism expected to continue through the week.

Now, during the conference's waning days, it's also become a dirt-magnet for dictators with their hands out.

Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez and Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are expected this week to hector the West on wealth transfers and to browbeat guilt-ridden liberals to get more cash for their own dictatorial schemes.

These three lawless leaders have laid waste to their nations' own economies in some of the world's most perfect models of unsustainability. Now they want the West to give them money for it.

Is there someone out there who will stand up and say enough?

Or must this farce continue in a bad memory of the Jimmy Carter 1970s?

It's time to scrap the entire Copenhagen concept and for developed countries to jump from this sinking ship while they still have their wallets. It's time they recognized zealous climate change movement for what it is: a very large, very expensive hoax.

Photos from AP and Reuters-not part of original article


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