May 22, 2009

California Sun....baked

Sometimes you read articles and you just wonder if they are connected. I read these two articles today out of Southern California and they are definitely related if not directly, indirectly. They speak volumes about not only the state of the insanity brought on by the entire global warming craze, the media's lack of perspective and California's and our countries underlying problem.

The first is an Editorial from the LA Times:

California's solar push
A bill pushing rooftop solar panels deserves lawmaker support despite opposition by a union and utilities.

The Editorial is a push by the LA Times for the California Legislature to pass a
law, which has failed before, to force utilities to pay for roof top solar power
from their customers. They are being fiercely opposed by the utilities and
the unions;

Utilities fought ferociously against Huffman's bill last year, when it stalled in the state Senate, and are doing the same now. They argue that solar installations are already heavily subsidized, ultimately by other ratepayers; if consumers were also being paid for the solar power they generate, it would cost non-solar customers even more.

Of course the Times belittles both the unions and the utility companies for being so selfish and not caring for the customers or the environment. However read the summation argument and tell me the world or at least the main stream media has not lost all concept of what individual responsibility and self reliance are about in society not to mention lacking any apparent cognisance of what financial state their state is in. They opine in all seriousness:

What might be bad for utilities and electrical workers, though, is extremely good for consumers and the environment. Under the current system, people with solar homes have no incentive to use energy efficiently -- in fact, some waste power toward the end of the year just to spite their utility. Huffman's bill would encourage energy efficiency, relieve the grid when power demand peaks and help California reach its million-roof goal, which would heat up national efforts to encourage renewable power. The Legislature should pass it this time.
First off how is it good for the consumers, except those who actually have the solar panels? The utilities are losing money by purchasing the power from those costumers and just passing it on to their overall consumer base. As the utilities and the unions point out, it is already costing non-solar power customers more to subsidize those that do not have them.

Crazier still is the proposition that these customers with solar panels waste power to spite the utility is somehow a justification for passing a law that is supposed to promote conservation is demented. I seriously doubt that this is a wide spread problem, but the fact that the LA Times uses it as a serious reason for passage of the bill is ridiculous.

The next article is from Reuters;

Applied Solar to seek bankruptcy protection

Now Applied Solar is a Southern California solar power company that specializes in, you guessed it Solar Roofing Solutions. In fact they even have companies willing to invest in it, or did.

Applied Solar, formerly known as Open Energy, earlier this year struck an exclusive licensing deal with Chinese solar company Suntech Power Holdings Co Ltd (STP.N). Under that deal, Suntech said it would manufacture, distribute and market Applied's lightweight solar roofing products.
The question needs to be asked if solar roof tops are such a great thing at this time, why are they being heavily subsidized? Why are companies that manufacture them despite partnerships with other more secure companies unable to make them work profitably?
Finally why is it that the LA Times thinks it is necessary for the customers and taxpayers of a bankrupt state to further subsidize an industry and technology which is obviously not yet ready for prime time. This is even more insidious of a position given that right off their shores they have proven sources of energy that could make them billions and provide their energy needs.

Sorry California, stay out of the sun for awhile and find some common sense.


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