May 23, 2009

The Game Plan

The green movement has never much been shy in terms of their vision of the future of this world. Despite some minor differences in the draconian measures they present in how to achieve their perfect ‘sustainable’ world the overall theme remains the same, a crude form of socialistic society with strict bureaucratic regulations governing anything and everything that could possibly make a profit ‘more than fit for one’s needs’.

A shining example of this way of thinking was on display during a follow up to the ‘Planet Earth’ series. A re-run of a 2007 one hour (with commercials) program featuring interviews from scientists and policy makers aired on ‘The Science Channel’ this past week (several actually).

The more I read this quote the more I want to bang my head into a wall. Since when is economic growth such a bad…wait, let me not give it away. Here goes.

“The only way that we can get a deal with the people of the world to preserve human civilization is to say, ‘It’s not any longer going to be economic growth…economic growth’ say ‘It’s the more equitable world where everyone has the basic things that human beings need’ and then we cease to find the meaning of life out of more and more economic growth and more and more consumption. Because in that kind of society – well, that’s what’s happening – it’s not only plundering the world and unsustainable, it’s making people miserable.”

- Clare Short, former Secretary of State, International Development.

There’s a lot to dissect there, isn’t there? Let’s start at the beginning.


First, why do we have to make a deal with the people of the world. When we were a struggling nation the rich nations in Europe didn’t come running to make a deal with us to build our country for us. We did it all on our own! We worked harder than any nation ever has to make it so the next generation wouldn’t have to fight the same grueling battles as those who came before on principles of liberty and individualism. These beliefs have guided us to prosperity because we made a deal with ourselves that we wouldn’t let the will of others stand in the way to a better life. The way to achieve this better life is through economic growth but unfortunately the greens see this otherwise.

As seen in the quote above what the game plan of the green movement is a ‘more equitable world’ with an end to economic growth and that’s the deal they want us to make with the people of the world. It’s a shame knowing that if they succeed the same people they’re trying to help will never know that feeling of liberty or achievement or self-reliance because they will be reliant on everyone else to meet their needs for them.

The statement is already seething in anti-capitalist, pro-socialist rhetoric but it gets even better. Apparently, this thirst for achievement in one’s self in pro-economic capitalist society is also ‘plundering the world’ and ‘making people miserable’. So feel guilty for filling your gas tank up and taking your kids to the country fair to consume sausage and peppers knowing that you’re plundering it from some poor developing nation that will soon be unable to cope with global warming as their entire population spontaneously incinerates. Be miserable as you watch your television, or browse the internet or read a book by light provided by electricity routed to your house through infrastructure built by hard working Americans trying to ensure an easier, better life for the generations to follow.

Perhaps the most amusing aspect of this entire quote was that it was uttered by someone working for International Development (emphasis on development). One would assume, by her title, she would be in the business of promoting development rather than vilifying it. How’s that job working out?

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