January 14, 2013



William Bigelow

At, a Federal Advisory Committee called The National Climate Assessment and Development Advisory Committee (NCADAC) is boasting of their climate report. In the upper right corner of the webpage, the motto is written: “Thirteen Agencies, One Vision: Empower the Nation with Global Change Science.”

You know what that means; the Obama Administration is about to force down Americans’ throats its belief in global warming and the attendant changes that must be made because of their manufactured crisis. For goodness sake, they’re even blaming Superstorm Sandy on global warming, for as we all know, there have never been hurricanes in all of recorded history that even came close to Sandy’s fury.

So pardon us if we’re a little suspicious of the members who contributed to this “report.” Let’s just take a look at the NCASDAC’s chair, two vice-chairs, and ten executive secretariat members.

Chair: Jerry Melillo. “But project leader Jerry Melillo of MBL said this study demonstrates for the first time that global warming would also be likely to increase the carbon storing potential of trees, by speeding up nitrogen cycling in the forest.”
Vice-Chair:Terese Richmond: wrote Leveraging SEPA to Promote Green-Friendly Development.

Vice-Chair: Gary Yohe: joined an Open Letter from Scientists in the United States on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and Errors Contained in the Fourth Assessment Report: Climate Change 2007, in which this was said:

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