January 10, 2013

How to Destroy Science: Cast Self-Interest as Public Interest

FROM-American Thinker

By Norman Rogers

Bruce Alberts is the editor of Science magazine, though it's not exactly clear what the 75-year-old Alberts actually does there. The magazine is headquartered in New York, but Alberts is apparently headquartered in San Francisco.

Alberts is obviously a scientist with broad interests -- or, depending on your point of view, a know-it-all who is spread very thin. According to his website, he has managed to collect 16 honorary degrees and currently serves on 25 non-profit boards. Yet this busy man still finds the time to lecture our political leaders. He wants them to stop denying the science of climate change. Apparently, Alberts thinks that the politicians should shut up and listen to brilliant scientists, like himself, who really understand these things.

This is what the wise man said in an editorial in the December 21, 2012 issue of Science:

It is deeply discouraging that in the United States, many political leaders feel comfortable denying the Science of climate change. The acceptability of this stance represents a general failure of science education and communication. It is but one grave example that should spur scientists to focus much more effort on the critical task of ensuring that students, and the general public, understand[.]
According to Alberts, if you are skeptical concerning climate change, you have somehow missed out on an enlightened education. Apparently the hundreds of well-qualified scientists who share that skepticism also missed out.

The science of climate change is highly politicized, with one group of scientists claiming to be the authorities on the subject and another group claiming that the first group is taking liberties with the science. How does Alberts, a biochemist, know that the first group is the only one we should listen to? He knows because he is politically left, and the left embraces the scary climate change/global warming scenario. People on the left are enthusiastic about global warming, green energy, sustainability, and other real or imagined problems that cry out for strong government action. Of course, the cry is audible only to those on the left.

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  1. In retrospect, what you are asking is: Who is Bruce Alberts speaking for? A concentrated interest which he favors, or for science, which favors the public interest? It piqued me. I think this blog post will be interesting, how to pursue self-interest in the public interest without feeling guilt.
    What you are trying to say is that Bruce Albert failed in one score: he wants us to believe that the other side do not know the complete facts, when they do, even when the science of climate change is presently being cast with negative aspersions. I think Bruce would learn a little from the blog post above.

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