February 4, 2011

Cyber WAGS Alert! A Peacock killing off Wolverines.

It has been awhile since we have had a Cyber WAG Alert (computer generated wild ass guess)  here at the Skeptics Corner, here are some previous sightings. What caught our attention on this one was the obvious collegiate bias in the title of the article:

Western wolverines threatened by climate change

At first we suspected this might be a plot by Ohio State scientist to vanquish their rivals, but as it turns out, it is just another Cyber WAG. However it is an ingenious taxpayer funded make work project for yet another researcher milking the climate change industry for all it is worth.

Here are the pertinent details:
Wolverines in the continental United States could be wiped out by the end of the century if temperatures continue to rise, according to a new study from a scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research.
One wonders what Wolverines have to do with atmospheric research, have they created a Cyber WAG department for every soon to be Cyber WAGED endangered species?

Springtime snow cover helps protect wolverine dens from predators, and the animal is built to thrive in deep powder. But, Synte Peacock, a NCAR scientist, applied computer models projecting climate change to the wolverine habitat in the northern Rockies. Under two of the three projected levels of severity of global warming, Peacock found that springtime snow cover will largely vanish in wolverine habitat by the second half of the century.
So there we have it, a verifiable Cyber WAG siting "a NCAR scientist, applied computer models projecting climate change to the wolverine habitat" Here again we have a computer model generated climate, being used to wipe out another species of Earth's creatures, will this slaughter never end!

Interesting though that the current Cyber WAG which is threatening to kill off wolverines was generated by a scientist(?) named Peacock. So despite the well endowed research using the typical Cyber WAG methodology, what we really have is a Peacock killing off Wolverines. Actually that makes more sense than a computer model doing it, I hear a Peacock has one hell of a peck.
Similarly, Peacock found that summertime temperatures will skyrocket. Currently, the average August temperature in wolverine habitat is 72 degrees. That could rise to above 90 degrees by century's end, according to the more pessimistic models.
90 degree, my God! somebody needs to unplug that pessimistic model! Or at least program a smiley face into it or something. That damned thing is responsible for more imaginary deaths and mayhem than...ALGORE. Well close anyway.
“Species that depend on snow cover for their survival are likely to be very vulnerable to climate change,” Peacock said. “It’s highly uncertain whether wolverines will continue to survive in the Lower 48, given the changes that are likely to take place there.”

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service last year said that climate change was enough of a threat to wolverines' viability that they deserved endangered species protection.
Now you see how powerful Cyber WAG has become? It was bad enough when they modeled the poor Polar Bears into endangeredness now they are full of themselves and are going after Wolverines. I wonder if Peacock is a Buckeye?
Wolverines inhabit a large area of boreal forests that includes Canada and northern Asia. Peacock's model was only applied to the continental U.S. habitat, but she noted that there are similar concerns about warming temperatures in other countries' wolverine habitats.

I wonder just how many more species they have left on the list to Cyber WAG into extinction or endangerdness before they run out. Consider a bunch of scientist, bored with playing computer games with the climate there at NCAR. I mean there are only so many weather things you can blame on climate change right ? So they put up a list of animal species on the old cork board and throw darts to see which one they are going to spend research money decimating next. Hope they don't hit a Peacock.

And let's  pray that Peacock knows what she is messing with

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