February 14, 2010

The Martian Solution

FROM-American Thinker

It's not too late to get the Himalayan glacier melt back on schedule

by Steve Boler

Barak Obama could do much to help his friends at the IPCC save face for the recent revelation that the Himalayan glaciers will not be melting by 2035 as predicted. But he has to work fast to correct what the Associated Press categorizes as an "embarrassing but small" error.

Scientists at the University of Innsbruck in Austria revealed that it would take a temperature rise of 12 degrees C to melt these glaciers. By multiplying the paltry warming effects of CO2 by over 500%, the IPCC's unimpeachable (?) CO2 warming formula forecasts an increase of 3.75 degrees for every doubling of the concentration of this dreaded gas. Burning all known earthly deposits of fossil fuels will only result in roughly 3 more doublings. (from 400 ppm to 800, then from 800 to 1600 and finally from 1600 to 3200.) Three doublings, utilizing the IPCC formula, results in a predicted global temperature increase of 11.25 degrees, short of the 12 degree threshold for complete Himalayan meltdown.

Fortunately, our celestial neighbor has polar ice caps almost entirely composed of CO2. President Obama should reinstate the NASA Mars program; send up a task force to do an Avatar on the Martians and confiscate for earth enough of a resource that, once released into our atmosphere, will get Himalayan glacier melt back on the IPCC timetable.


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