May 22, 2009

Skeptics From Around the Globe


Geoff Austin -Professor The Department of Physics The University of Auckland New Zealand

"My concern about the present situation is not that we may or may not reasonably expect catastrophic global warming. It is that anyone who has the temerity to try to discuss the issue will be the recipient of ad hominem attacks designed to shut down the debate - essentially because, even if the disaster is not imminent, it ought to be because it forces governments to move on a green agenda, some parts of which, in my view, are legitimate and some less so.

An example of a move to suppress debate was Greenpeace's attempt to prevent a visit to New Zealand by Professor Richard Lindzen, an eminent Massachusetts Institute of Technology meteorologist and one of the first to point out and analyse the cloud problem, because it would "undermine efforts to protect the earth's climate by promoting sceptical views on global warming".

This is nothing other than a modern version of medieval book-burning that in effect shuts down science."


  1. I am always amazed that the IPCC uses a series of papers with huge error bars to claim a 90% certainty in "human" caused warming. This 90% is then upped to "undeniable" to justify the statement that the debate is over. When did huge errors in science become 90% certainty and 90% certainty become "undeniable"?

    "Undeniable" then becomes a reason to shut down opposing views.

  2. This is my Physics teacher. lol
    He is a smart cookie. I'd listen to him.
    Generally I've never had an opinion on global warming because of the huge number of conflicting opinions and my inability to understand it myself. He was the first person to begin to sway me in the direction he proposes.