May 30, 2009

Skeptics From Around the Globe


Christopher Essex, PhD, Professor of Applied Mathematics and Associate Director of the Program in Theoretical Physics, University of Western Ontario

"There is no such thing as global temperature. And if there is no global temperature, how can there be global warming?...

...When the global-average-temperature-index "thingy" goes out in public, all of the temperature baggage comes with it. Extraneous things are subjected to the tortured temperature treatment. Glaciers and hurricanes become temperature, so do frog, horse and human maladies, including pulmonary disease, delirium and suicide. Apparently the "thingy" can even be employed to follow evolutionary changes in squirrels and explain kitten numbers. It's amazing what tenths of a degree can do...."


  1. Thrmodynamically speaking to measure a system temperature that system must be at equilibrium. Since the earth can never be at equilibrium them measuring the global temperature is impossible and any calculated figure meaningless. Dr Essex has it bang on!

  2. Some time ago it struck me that there was no "global" temperature. Ever since I became aware of this and started arguing with advocates of "global" warming they point out that they use "anomalies"/averages - which still prove meaningless when it comes to reality. An increase in the "average global" temperature still won't melt ice where it's below freezing. Last year there the AP reported that Antarctic glaciers were continuing their speedily march to the sea. They then stated that Antarctica's average annual temp had increased a whopping 1° from -51° to -50°. I don't think they stopped to think that what was causing the glaciers to march to the sea was all that pressure from snow and ice upstream - somehow they seem to think that ice really melts at -50° - such has been the brainwashing of the media by alarmists. God help us...

  3. I can't help but think that if everyone realized this single fact - the whole global warming issue would quickly become an embarrassment to those who have been promoting it.