October 9, 2009

How's 'bout tellun the pols? huh?

It is this kind of stuff that is just ignored or swept under the rug that is so frustrating. A generation is going to learn not to trust scientist. I have the greatest respect for those few who are speaking out but the rest are pathetic elitist who are condemning the world towards an unnecessary economic disaster -disgraceful.

FROM-Climate Science: Roger Pielke Sr.

Major Issues With The Realism Of The IPCC Models Reported By Graeme Stephens Of Colorado State University

Earth observations and moist processes

Slide 26

While it is expected that ‘ heavy precipitation events will contnue to become more frequent’, our predictive tools (either climate or NWP models) contain major biases that are symptomatic of unrealistc rain physics.

While I believe the changes that are likely to occur are primarily driven by changes in the large scale atmospheric flows, we have to conclude our models have little or no ability to make credible
projectons about the changing character of rain and cannot
conclusively test this hypothesis.

This model bias isn’t merely solved by higher resolution of
models – to the contrary, there are fundamental flaws in the
way rain is triggered in models on all scales. The consequence
to other aspects of the Earth system model is profound.


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