August 31, 2009


Letters to the Editor and other People Speak

FROM- Kansas City Star

Casting doubt on global warming

For a number of years, atmospheric scientists and the media informed us every time the Earth’s temperature was higher than the previous year that it was evidence of global warming, most likely man-made. Now that there have been several years of global cooling (8/23, National/World, “Cooler temps fueling more climate debate”), we are told by the same crowd to ignore the evidence and trust in the theory, instead. This is science?

In another context, we were constantly reminded that science is based on evidence and to ignore it and have faith in an unproven idea is really religion.

I realize it would be difficult and even harmful to the reputation for those people who promoted this view to consider that they might have been wrong all these years, but are they scientists or believers? They ought to at least have the humility to prevail on the president and Congress to postpone passing economically devastating measures until their theory is proven by a resumption of global warming.

Robert Reimers


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