January 7, 2010


Letters to the Editor and other People Speak

FROM-The Community Press

Exposing the global warming myth

Dear Editor,

George Sander's letter on the questionable practices of global warming profiteers ("Looking to feed at the taxpayers' trough") is a pearl. It helps derail the myth of global warming. In the past it has been so much easier for media to print prepared text from legitimate sounding organizations, because there was little reason to question their science. The e-mails mentioned in Mr. Sander's letter have revealed that these organizations were not legitimate but seemingly legitimate. With willing associates, they concocted highly dubious 'science'.

His final paragraph bears repeating in full: "This whole thing is just a big money game, with corporations on either side of the debate looking to feed at the taxpayers' trough."

To add to his statement, global warming icon, Al Gore, was convicted of nine lies in a U.K. court for his seeming documentary. Although frequently challenged, he and David Suzuki will pontificate endlessly but will not debate. Why not? Gore is also a premier investor in Camco Global, the biggest holder of carbon credits in the world. Should the American cap-and-trade go though, Gore will reap unprecedented profits.

One of the close financial people Obama depends on is Jeffery Immelt, CEO of General Electric. Immelt's company will earn billions on products such as turbines and solar panels, the expanding USA's power grid, and hundreds of other items associated with a response to global warming.

According to James Hoggan in his pro global warming book, "Climate Cover Up", there are now four global warming lobbyists for every federal Congressman. Does opposing real science have a chance?

While the right answers may seem elusive, the correct ones are in any grown-up book on biology published before the global warming spin machine took over.

Ronald Dabor Sr.



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