March 31, 2009

Accelerating ?

I ran across this graph and thought I'd post it. It really is nothing more that the 4 main temperature matrix over the past decade. Although we are constantly being reminded that you can not judge climate on short time frames like a decade, which is true.

However we are also being bombarded with news reports from alarmist scientist that climate change is accelerating, leading to ever more dire consequences. Please note that over the past decade that only one of the four show any accelerating of temperatures at all (GISS), more on that in a second.

As I have pointed out several times not only does this lack of warming not fit the model projections, except for GISS, there really is no increase in warming at all. So why all the hyperventlating about accelerating warming? Again as I have pointed out many times, it is not temperatures which are accelerating beyond projections, it is CO2 output. The climate science and political community that supports this view (AGW) is so locked into the idea that increased CO2 = increased temperatures that they are unwilling or unable to see that their cherished theory is being shot down right before their eyes.

As to the GISS showing an upward trend when all the others show a decrease, the GISS is the one that is run by James Hansen the Godfather of the Global Warming Theory, curious isn't it?

It could also be pointed out that the coolest of the trends is reported by UAH which is run by Roy Spencer, a scientist skeptical of the AGW theory, at least the alarmist view. However at least the UAH trend is going in the same direction as the the other two, whereas the GISS is going in the wrong direction compared to the other institutions.

At that, throw out both UAH and GISS, there is no case to be made for accelerating temperatures, it just ain't happening.

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