October 12, 2009

Aussies cooling on global warming

FROM-The Daily Telegraph

AUSTRALIANS are becoming less concerned about the threat of global warming, pushing environmental issues down the list of threats.

Climate change is no longer rated the top foreign policy issue for the Federal Government, a Lowy Institute poll will reveal today.

It was top of the list in 2007 but now is ranked seventh out of 10 policy priorities. Out of 12 possible threats, Australians rated global warming the fourth most critical, the survey found.

However a significant majority of Australians, 76 per cent, still saw climate change as a problem.

Details emerged as the Government was reminded just how difficult it would be to get its Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme legislation, which would set up an Emissions Trading Scheme, through the Senate. Preliminary negotiations underlined that the Government will need Opposition support if it is to get a moderate version of the Bill approved.

The Greens produced amendments - almost certain to be rejected by the Government - which called for harsher treatment of fossil fuel users, and Family First's Steve Fielding accused the Greens of wanting to send Australia back to the Stone Age.

"If we did what the Greens propose, Australia would no longer exist because there'd be no industries left to drive our economy," he said.

Their amendments yesterday called for limited compensation to emission-intensive industries.


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