January 1, 2013

Indoctrinate your children well

The science community, not all by any means, but  a so called consensus tells us that we are experiencing a period of global warming caused by mankind's burning of fossil fuels. They, the consensus scientific community, have joined forces with a powerful segments of the political class and environmental activist in order to convince us that this is not only happening but is actually very bad and that we need to do something to curtail these fossil fuel emissions in order to "save the planet". That, in a nutshell, is a summary of the undebateable-debate we find ourselves in.

This belief in this conclusion is so prevalent that we are currently teaching our children this theory as fact. The Environmental Protection agency has a publication out called A Students Guide to Global Climate Change. If you don't want to be afraid for our future, don't click on that link.

In this publication among the propaganda currently indoctrinating our children  it explains all the negative aspects of "Global Climate Change" which await them. It is a glitzy glossy little presentation put forth with not only all the resources of a well funded federal agency but with all the authority of the federal government behind it.

 If you took my warning about not clicking on the first link let me assure you everything in this extensive indoctrination of our children is blamed on fossil fuel emissions, the entire course is premised on the theory of man caused climate change. From the section Learn the Basics we learn, or our children do, that:

The Earth is getting warmer because people are adding heat-trapping gases to the atmosphere, mainly by burning fossil fuels.
So according to this educational tool,fossil fuels are causing virtually all climate related disaster from acidic oceans to wilder weather

 I wish to focus on only one for now, droughts, found under the section entitled The Signs of Climate Change. One of those signs according to the EPA is More Droughts Here is a brief summary that the EPA is giving to our children regarding droughts: (emphasis mine)
A drought is an extended period of dry weather caused by a lack of rain or snow. As temperatures rise due to global climate change, more moisture evaporates from land and water, leaving less water behind. Some places are getting more rain or snow to make up for it, but other places are getting less.
 Note the little qualifier at the end of the the drought summary "Some places are getting more rain or snow to make up for it, but other places are getting less." You see our propagandist at the EPA can not completely suspend the laws of nature, even they must admit that when water is evaporated into the atmosphere is must inevitably be deposited somewhere. Remember this from your grade school science classes? From the USGS water science for schools:

So while the EPA is indoctrinating the children of America that fossil fuels are creating droughts, the USGS is teaching them what we all know to be a basic fact of nature and physics "what goes up must come down." The EPA and their alarmist ilk would have you believe that this is all somehow caused by mankind. They go so far as to assert that droughts are increasing because of our burning of fossil fuels.
Since the 1970s, droughts have become longer and more extreme worldwide, particularly in the tropics and subtropics.
That sounds bad, but they give absolutely no evidence to their assertion. It is just stated as a fact that our trusting children are meant to accept. However in November of 2012, Nature, a scientific publication well known to be promoters of the "global climate change" agenda published an article titled Little change in global drought over the past 60 years. After the normal slobbering up to the climate academic complex, the authors get to the gist of their study:(emphasis mine)
More realistic calculations, based on the underlying physical principles that take into account changes in available energy, humidity and wind speed, suggest that there has been little change in drought over the past 60 years.
So while the EPA is teaching our children that droughts are on the increase, scientific journals, even those that support the concept of" global climate change", are reporting that there is no such evidence for that conclusion.

It is indeed possible even probable that the EPA could find studies verifying their assertion of increased droughts,  their is no lack of funding for research into "climate change" and thus no lack of research verifying whatever conclusion one wants to make. But the very fact that there are conflicting conclusions drawn by the scientific community would lead a rational society to conclude that there is no definitive"proof" that the burning of fossil fuels causes increased droughts. Yet here we have government agencies spending vast amounts of tax payer monies to teach children something which the scientific community, even the "consensus" scientific community, does not agree upon. That is what you would call indoctrination.

I am reasonably certain based upon the the media coverage this past year that children were being told in many indoctrination centers once known as public schools that we were experiencing an historic drought here in the United States.

One of my favorite headlines this summer was this from the Washington Post from July:

Historic drought covers nearly two-thirds of continental U.S.

Fortunately they immediately show how limited their view of history is when in the first line in the story they inform us
The most extensive drought since the 1950s in the continental U.S. keeps getting worse.
If you are a five year old, or even a forty five year old, it is indeed a historic drought, in your lifetime. But simply because something has not occurred in fifty some years does not make it historic and certainly does not make it unprecedented.

In fact if you click on the link in the Post story you will find this graph

You will note that the United States in the twenty first century is no drier than it has been since they started keeping accurate records back in 1900. In fact as the article which accompanies this graph informs us:
The current drought also does not yet compare with the Dust Bowl droughts of the 1930s in terms of duration, or intensity.
In fact it has not even come close. Let's look at the current "historic" drought of 2012 as of October', 2012

Now there is little doubt that we are experiencing a severe drought, but historically how does it compare . Well let's compare this last October to October 1934

As you and any five year old can see, if they were being given the truth, what we are experiencing, far from being unprecedented or historic is in fact far less severe than even most of our parents or grandparents went through in the not so distant past.

Just to cap off this historic look at droughts that is not being taught in our schools or much reported to the public in general. Recently I posted a couple of articles from scientific journals in what I like to refer to as my Unprecedented? series. Both of them were about how drought conditions affected ancient cultures. The second study was from Australia, I wrote:
 Again we have another example of a study disproving "man made" climate change out of the University of Queensland called Ancient culture affected by climate (emphasis mine)
Associate Professor Hamish McGowan from UQ's School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management said the studies in the north west Kimberley have shown there was a rapid change in climate around 5,500 years ago.
If their could be rapid change in climate 5,500 years ago in aboriginal Australia doesn't that sort of put a damper on the whole unprecedented not to mention man made claims of todays far less dramatic events? If you want to talk about some serious climate "disruption" consider this:
“Our research shows that the likely reason for the demise of the Gwion artists was a mega-drought spanning approximately 1,500 years,....
A mega drought  lasting 1500 years without benefit of modern society's fossil fueled input? is that even possible? What would cause such a thing?
...brought on by changing climate conditions that caused the collapse of the Australian summer monsoon,”
If naturally occurring changing climate conditions could cause such havoc, I would consider a 1500 year long drought severe, why are our modern day soothsayers so convinced that we are responsible for far less dramatic climate change?

Just another  example of pre-industrial severe climate change, far exceeding anything which sends the alarmist community into apocalyptic tizzydom.
Do you believe the children of today are being given anything like a truly "historic" perspective on climate? I'll answer for you, of course they are not, they are being fed propaganda and rubbish by agenda driven progressive institutions like the EPA.

Perhaps, just perhaps some inquisitive young minds will be searching through the government's educational tools and come upon this which was provided for them by Department Of Energy. And perhaps just perhaps they will read this in an article titled How Fossil Fuels were Formed
(emphasis mine)
Think about what the Earth must have looked like 300 million years or so ago. The land masses we live on today were just forming. There were swamps and bogs everywhere. The climate was warmer. Ancient trees and plants grew everywhere. Strange looking animals walked on the land, and just as weird looking fish swam in the rivers and seas. Tiny one-celled organisms called protoplankton floated in the ocean.
Perhaps just perhaps this inquisitive child will have the courage to ask his or her teacher, "Excuse me Mrs Lenin  how could it have been warmer before there were even fossil fuels to burn?"  Or perhaps just perhaps they might ask, "Excuse me Mr Hitler, why was there so much plant and animal life when it was warmer than today?"

Well one can still dream can't one?

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