May 20, 2009

Global Warming's Biggest Loser

Ultimately their are going to be far more losers as a result of the Global Warming craze than winners. In fact it is hard to see a winner at all with the possible exception of the Republican Party which has eaten so much of this tainted scientific apple that it too may be a net loser. Who will forget the site of the Governator standing in front of the White House praising the increased regulations on mileage and emissions as his state burned to the economic ground fueled by green initiatives.

The Democratic Party will lose because the theory of anthropogenic Global Warming is one of its signature issues. When even the most liberally spirited Bostonians continue to march through winter blizzards to their under-heated offices or worse try to navigate through snow drifts in their mandated mini eco boxes rather than the once popular SUVs, even they will begin to ask why. Or the Oregonian who is ratted out by his eight year old to the enviro-police for replacing a curly cue bulb with a squirreled away incandescent in her reading lamp.

The reputation of science of course will be a big loser it will be difficult for the general public ever again to take seriously the pronouncements of the best and the brightest when their favorite breakfast cereal is now a luxury item. Once abundant food products now exorbitantly priced and scarce due to bio-fuel mandates and shorter growing seasons caused by climate change which they are told is to be expected in a warming world.

All these and many more will be big losers. But perhaps the biggest loser of all will be our environment and the movement that self righteously proclaimed itself as its protector. Not only is the environment losing out on the billions of dollars that could rightfully be used to protect legitimate concerns and problems, it is losing out on the future monies that will be forever lost from the economies of the world due to the stagnation of economic growth brought on by a farce.

As the western world cripples its economies in order to protect itself from a man made fantasy, true environmental concerns are being and will continue to be underfunded or even ignored. Monies that would be available to protect air and water quality from true pollutants is being squandered on mitigating a threat that does not exist.

Government sponsored projects and subsidies have replaced the natural entrepreneurial innovations needed to find true cleaner solutions to future energy needs, guaranteeing waste, economic killing taxation and inefficiency which will rob resources from legitimate environmental needs. All this done in the name of saving the very thing that they (environmentalist) claim to represent, as if the rest of us are bloodsucking Neanderthals with no concern for the Earth we live in.

When the reality of this deception becomes clear, which it inevitably must, the environmental movement, despite their often well founded concerns, will be disgraced and ignored, to the detriment to the world we all love. Our environment could indeed be the biggest loser.


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