April 10, 2009

Ice Skating Anyone?

via Dalton Minimum Returns

from StormX

Solar Activity Lowest in Almost 100 Years, Implications for Climate Potentially Significant

......Over the past several years, the sun has been entering another minimum in the 11-year sunspot cycle. However, the unforeseen and lingering absence of sunspots during the past year has raised concerns that another period like the Dalton Minimum could occur. The number of sunspots in 2008 was the 7th fewest since 1749, averaging only 2.9 sunspots/day. The most recent year with fewer sunspots was 95 years ago in 1913. Sunspots during the first three months of 2009 have remained exceptionally low, averaging only 1.2 sunspots/day. If this inactivity would persist throughout 2009, it would rank as the 2nd fewest since 1749, trailing only 1810 when no sunspots were observed......

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