April 21, 2009

The Hard Sell

Tom Nelson

Question: If the Arctic ice is melting so quickly, why is the red line for April 20, 2009 HIGHER than all of the other lines?

Larger view

Because we normal folks are just too stupid to understand the intricacies of the science involved here. When there is more sea ice than there has been in 7 years on this date, it is not important, it all has to do with thinning ice. Well unless more ice melts this year than did in 2007 (which it did not do in 2008) then there will be even more thicker ice next winter than last.

However when there was record low arctic sea ice in 2007 it was proof of global warming. How patheticaly transparntly disenguous and condencending this is to a rational common sense person.

I suspect though that when the blue line crosses the 1979-2000 mean (gray line) then the warmist/alarmist will really have a hard sell and some serious double talk to convince anyone that the ice caps are melting, as I explained here

I'm sure though they'll look for a way.

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  1. When the evidence started arriving the Univ of Illinois took their site down