March 13, 2009

Let Us Ponder

Stern: Climate change deniers are 'flat-earthers'

Climate change deniers are "ridiculous" and akin to "flat-earthers", according to Sir Nicholas Stern, who advised the government about the economic threat posed by global warming. The respected economist compared climate naysayers to those who deny the link between smoking and cancer or HIV and Aids in the face of mounting scientific evidence.

Stern — who prepared his influential report to the UK Treasury in 2007 at Gordon Brown's request — said the evidence that human-induced climate change was occurring was "crystal clear"....

Stern attacks politicians over climate 'devastation'

Politicians have failed to take on board the severe consequences of failing to cut world carbon emissions, according to Nicholas Stern, the economist commissioned by Gordon Brown to analyse the impact of climate change.

His stark warning about the potentially "devastating" consequences of global warming came as scientists issued a desperate plea last night for world leaders to curb greenhouse gas emissions or face an ecological and social disaster.....

In a totally unrelated item from last June

Stern Launches Carbon Credit Rating Agency

IDEAcarbon, the research and consultancy company in the carbon and energy markets of which Lord Stern (author of the UK’s Stern report on climate change) is vice-chairman, has launched a carbon credit rating agency.

There is a lot of uncertainty about the value of carbon assets, not just the delivery issues but also the regulatory and measurement risk. The idea is that the new agency will provide evaluation and risk analysis to help buyers decide what they need and how much to pay and help project developers get funding.

It's certainly a market that needs close inspection by those looking to buy carbon credits.

"Let Us Ponder"

The man given the responsibility by the British Government to determine the economic and societal impact of climate change on the world after submitting a catastophic laden though inaccurate report goes out and starts a carbon credit rating company. A company who can only profit if there is a market for carbon credits.

Since issueing the alarmist report, as the carbon market has plummeted he has ratcheted up the rhetoric against "deniers" and do nothing politicians. Of course all this is on the up and up, since the right honorable Lord Stern has nothing but pure motives...right?

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