March 13, 2009

Climate experts: Risk of 'irreversible' shifts

from MSNBC
'Worst-case IPCC scenario trajectories ... are being realized,' they warn

COPENHAGEN - Hundreds of leading climate scientists wrapped up a three-day conference with a warning Thursday that global warming is accelerating beyond the worst predictions and threatening to trigger "irreversible" shifts on the planet.

Attended by some 2,000 experts, the conference aimed at updating the findings of a 2007 report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ahead of U.N. talks in December on a new global climate treaty.......

I guess these are the thousands of expert scientists, economists, campaigners, dignitaries, industry representatives and journalists that ANDy of NYT spoke about (see this post). Obviously these experts are talking about accelerating CO2 levels not temperatures since the two have failed to be in sink for some time. Again this shows how thoroughly the idea that raising CO2 levels have been tied to global warming regardless to the evidence to the contrary. Here are the actual Global Mean Temperatures (converted to Fahrenheit, for us backward Americans). These are taken directly from HadCrut data which is the official UN temperature keepers. Does anyone with a half a mind see acceleration in these numbers? Please note that the difference between the highest (1998)and last year's temps is a whopping .41 degF but the wrong way!

1998- 58.15
1999- 57.74
2000- 57.70
2001- 57.93
2002- 58.02
2003- 58.04
2004- 58.00
2005- 58.06
2006- 57.96
2007- 57.91
2008- 57.74

Nothing here is scary except in the minds of a bunch of agenda driven "scientists, economists, campaigners, dignitaries, industry representatives and journalists" who fear the loss of their power, influence and funding.

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