December 26, 2012


Letters to the Editor and other People Speak

Letter: Global warming hypothesis is false

Marvin P. Mathiak, Knoxville

Mayan and other primitive societies made sacrifices, sometimes even human, to ensure good crops, rain, as a response to bad weather or to appease some god. Mayan priests enjoyed attention and prestige as they persuaded gullible and ignorant followers to accept their claims. They claimed a subsequent good crop, badly needed rain or end of a stormy season proved the need for and efficacy of sacrifice.

Emotional and societal pressures to ignore reason and sacrifice for the common good were sufficient. The false premise that sacrifice helped was religiously accepted.

This primitive behavior hasn't changed. Only priests' titles and the type of sacrifice have changed.

Modern priests ("scientists" and politicians) tell gullible and ignorant people that man's carbon dioxide emissions can and are causing global warming. To correct this, they demand sacrificing jobs, prosperity and our economy. Proponents enjoy attention and prestige in the media and from the political left. They use a storm (Sandy) to prove their claim and that sacrifice is necessary.

Their false claims are founded on the hypothesis, an unproven, unlikely foundation of foam, that man's emissions of carbon dioxide do raise global temperatures. Global temperature fluctuation is normal. The anthropogenic global warming myth is widely and effectively employed to achieve personal prominence, economic advantage and followers.

Scientists are no more ethical than politicians. Consensus among people earning money or achieving power promoting anthropogenic global warming, or among political factions, proves nothing. If science actually supported the idea, its proponents would not have to hide behind vague claims of consensus.

When an actual, successfully peer-reviewed scientific study proves that man's relatively tiny emissions of carbon dioxide actually override effects of solar activity, geological activity, volcanism and other major natural emissions of it, and the dominant greenhouse gas water vapor, we can take these claims seriously. Beware of false prophets.

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