March 19, 2009

Be a hoot just pollute!

from Climate Science

Health Benefits Of Air Quality Control Should Never Be Sacrificed By Delaying The Clean-Up Of Aerosol Emissions For Climate Reasons

There have rather puzzling recommendations made recently in which improvements in air quality are recommended as being delayed in order to retain the radiative cooling effect of certain aerosols, particularly sulphates. Examples of such a recommendation are reported in the Climate Science weblogs....

....I have taught graduate classes in air pollution at the University of Virginia and Colorado State University (even a class on the U.S. Wilderness System in which the preservation of pristine air quality is a major issue that we discussed). I also was on a committee in Fort Collins that mandated that the permit to construct and operate a brewrey near the city require the burning of natural gas rather than coal.

The motivation for all of these activities is to reduce human mortality and morbidity and to minimize negative environmental effects from air pollution.

Thus, when I see attempts to delay implementation of any air quality improvement, which will cost lives, in order to provide a climate effect (i.e. through the delay in reducing sulphate emissions), we need to recognize that the priorities of those making such climate recommendations are misplaced.

People are actually proposing that we allow real pollution in order to counter act the affects of non-pollution (CO2). Kind of on the lines of shooting particles in the atmosphere to cool the earth (see post). Which in away makes sense right? If the particles that make up real pollution sulphates etc. actually cause cooling, they do, rather than go to the trouble and expense of shooting them into the atmosphere, just stop controlling them from industry! Wow what a great idea! Let's undo all the advancement in clean air technology to save the world from evil CO2.

I'm gonna remove the catalytic converters from my cars immediately to save the world. BTW a catalytic converter traps bad pollution (now good) and
converts it to good pollution CO2, water vapor (now bad).

Even though the exhaust is flying through the tube at high velocity, the molecules that coat the ceramics are able to react in milliseconds, hanging on to the bad stuff until it's converted to something harmless (or less harmful) like Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide or water vapor.

Yes folks all those years of cleaning our air of nasty smog may have actually been bad because the components of smog will save us from burning up, do to the evil CO2. Oh BTW for those who might not know water vapor which your catalytic converter is spewing out into the atmosphere, is the numro uno green house gas. As a matter of fact we evil humans are contributing to global warming by not polluting enough! By cleaning up our air pollution, we are causing global warming.

Fog, mist and haze in Europe have declined over the last three decades, a trend that may have stoked regional warming and ironically could be linked to better air quality, a study published on Sunday says.

So save the world, pollute our air!

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