March 17, 2009

Another Mad Scientist Moment

from live science

Scheme to Curb Global Warming Could Backfire

One proposed plan to save the planet from global warming — by injecting particles to intercept the sun's light — would have the unintended, and ironic, effect of making a key alternative energy source, solar power, less effective, a new study points out.

Several "geoengineering" schemes have been proposed to curb the warming effect of greenhouse gases accumulating in the atmosphere. One of these takes its cue from observations of the effects of huge volcanic eruptions on global climate.

For example, when the Philippines' Mt. Pinatubo erupted in 1991, it rocketed volcanic ash and gases up into the atmosphere. Some of this volcanic confetti hovered in the stratosphere, circulating around the world, and caused the global surface temperature to drop by almost 1 degree Fahrenheit (0.5 degree Celsius) for two years afterward. ....

Might I also point out again, that it could also backfire if we suddenly had several large volcanic eruptions. So our mad scientist have saved us from their man made global warming by injecting particles into the atmosphere, then surprise we have a couple big natural volcanic eruptions, the combination of which sends the globe into an ice age. Yeah scientist!

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