January 16, 2013

Shapeshifting Forward...or not

Via-Jer's Notes

One of the great villains in movie history was the cop from the future in Terminator. What made him such a horrifying  character was the inability of anybody, even Arnold Schwarzenegger, to do him in. If you blasted him full of  enough assault rifle shells to give Dianne Feinstein the vapors, he would  just reform himself from the pieces. This combined with the ability to shape himself into  any person or thing  he chose, usually the cop, made him almost invincible.

If the progressive movement didn't predate the Terminator franchise I would almost believe that Progressives used the cop as an organizational blueprint on how to operate. If your policies fail or are shown to be totally unworkable just restructure the pieces into a new form with the same goals under a new name  and continue to destroy all that stands in your way.

Rush Limbaugh often says that the progressive movement is just another name for liberalism. At the risk of contradicting El Rushbo, he is wrong. Today's progressives are  yesterdays liberals but yesterday's liberals were what the early progressives shape shifted themselves into after their policies were totally rejected post World War One. The Reagan revolution helped discredit the label "liberal" so they just shapeshifted back to the progressive label two generations removed from their original formation. Long enough removed from their former negative cogitation to be but a distant memory in societal consciousness  You could say that today's progressives are your father's liberals which were your grandfather's progressives, we are just back to where we started in the label game but their goals remain the same.

This shapshifting can frustrate anyone trying to expose this destructive ideology and it is why Mark Levin did everyone a great service when he coined the phrase statist to describe all those who believe in a top down governing structure run by control junkies and elitist. But the label issue is the least of the problem, the real problem is not that they can change identities, it is that the progressive movement can easily transform through manipulation any issue or circumstance  to promote their agenda.

And they are relentless. Their ruthlessness is possible because they have no collective conscious. When the ends always justify the means as a guiding principle, then there are no limits, no moral roadblocks. There is also no remorse for failed policies since the only thing important to the  progressive mind is the ultimate goal of controlling society in order conform it to their mythical  ideal of perfection.

To the progressive mind life is not a journey it is a destination. A destination where they get to determine how societies pieces fit together and how they meaning we should behave. The progressive is not about smelling roses along the road of life, he is about planting nice orderly rows where every bush is required to bloom on specific days and with predetermined color schemes.

Those who do not prescribe to this statist view of political and societal welfare are always left wondering why and how the progressive keep getting away with it. It is like in high school when you wondered why did the "bad boys" always attract the chicks and vice versa. The daring always attract the most attention, even if in the long run it is destructive behavior and the bold and the brazen can always cower the masses. Bullies are bullies because it works...until it doesn't.

Take the global warming debate, "THERE IS NO DEBATE !" as an example. As time has passed and the evidence mounts, or rather it doesn't,  it has become ever more apparent that the premise of the theory is seriously flawed. But you see the premise of the theory is not the goal. The theory is just another means to an end and as with all things in the the progressive agenda the means in this case the theory is just a tool to be used. A scientific theory which normal people would consider to be the foundation of a scientific proposition is, for the progressives, secondary at best. In this case the goal is financial redistribution and economic control on a global scale, the "climate change" mantra is just a means to that end so fighting the battle about the specifics though necessary, has little affect on how the progressives will wage their campaign against the facts, facts having no real bearing on their overall goal.

 While we laughed at the transformation of  global warming into "climate change", the progressives just kept on building a political, academic and cultural foundation to support their statist goals. They will continually shift the argument and the premise in order to advance or progress their agenda.  This is how you end up with headlines like this:

"Biting cold brings spectre of Global Warming closer, farmers worried but wheat crop safe"

We all know that virtually everything under the sun, with the exception of the sun, is now blamed on global warming which is now called climate change, or climate disruption or severe climate events or whatever they will shift it to next. We laugh at the absurdity while they indoctrinate the children into this new "reality" and embed their false premises into our culture not to mention the text books for future generations. They progress their deceitful agenda while we shake our heads at the insanity of it all and wonder how they get away with it.

They get away with it because they are doing while we are watching. After all one of those universal truths that is so easily ignored but has been proven true countless times over the ages is that  "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." And nothing begat evil. Few are they in positions of power that actively call out the progressive agenda for the lie that it is and fewer still are those that once enacted will continue the fight rather than acquiesce to the new status quo.

For those of us who seriously followed how Obamacare came to be, at almost every juncture it was obvious that it would be stopped. There was no way it could go forward. The institutional safe guards were in place to stop it, but they just shoved right through those. The belief that "public opinion" was a check on political power in a republic did not even phase the progressives drive, they simply lied about what they were doing and carried on until they achieved their goal. Now Obamacare is the "law of the land" to quote the opposition parties most visible leader who has the legal power to shut it off but chooses to play by the political rules and traditions which were decimated in order for it to be conceived in the first place.

Just as we observers were sure that the "climategate" scandal would finally expose the charlatans and frauds of the scientific community and end global warming hoax, so too we expected that Obamacare was a step too far and finally this nightmare of power hungry elitist would be stopped, but they were not. The warmist still control the scientific narrative and the progressive politicians still control the reigns of power in DC. The skeptics are still mocked as  as a matter of societal norm as are those who believe in the Constitution. The rule of law and scientific principles are for suckers.

There is a very simple reason for this, when the end justifies the means is an ingrained principle of your ideology, you can say anything with a clear conscious. A clear conscious is progressing your agenda forward and has nothing to do with the morality of truth. Our President has made this an art form but he is just a product of the progressive ideology and tactics, not the creator of them. The creator of this shapeshifting methodology was identified long ago as the "father of lies" and the naves who practice it are those who are willing to redefine values in order to achieve their unsustainable goals or the fools and tools who follow them down a dark path to ultimate destruction.

Truth, to the progressive mind, is an obstacle to be overcome and certainly not a guide post on the road of life. Truth can be used or discarded, shaped or molded as best fits the circumstances. A drought or a blizzard, it makes no difference whatever promotes the agenda. People are both trusting and busy so they will follow the loud voice of authority who claims there is a crisis and that they have the solution.

And that in nutshell is the progressive game and to them it is a game, create the illusion of a crisis in order to provide a solution.  A solution which creates ever larger crisis which they again claim to have the answer to. A solution which always sacrifices individual liberties for progressive power and control.

How do you stop this shapshifting ideological nightmare bent on destroying personal liberty for the sake of elitist control?  Well first off you recognize that most of the people involved in the progressive movement have a very limited knowledge of what they are a part of, simply because they are just shifting with the flow of the culture around them.

A consensus is forming on the "right" that the only real solution is to take back the culture, something that the "right" has seemingly little influence in. I say seemingly  because the progressives hold on the culture is the proverbial mile wide and an inch deep. It appears as if the progressive left has a death grip on popular culture and thus the future. But I do not believe that this is necessarily so.

People, as a general rule, grow tired of the superficial and if their is anything that describes the progressive agenda it is superficial. Put plainly it can not sustain itself, it will continually fail. It takes a great deal of effort for an individual less alone a movement to continually gloss over failings. To this point in their history the progressives have been able to shapeshift after periods of failure by gloaming onto the successes that followed their previous demise to resurrect themselves. But we are reaching the precipice of a hundred years of this roller coaster ride. The bills are coming due and shifting of blame, though temporarily effective, does not solve the problem.

Just as you can shift the meaning of global warming to gin up crisis for a time, eventually you have to show results for your efforts. Nothing the warmist community can do is going to change the climate back to some mythical norm that never existed and nothing the progressive politicians can do is going to change the math of economic reality. Eventually the magician has to pull a rabbit out of the hat and the progressive illusionist are running out of rabbits to entertain the audience.

It is not that the progressives will not continue to reek havoc on the world, it is just that we are reaching the point where they must either take the next inevitable step, despotism,  or their hold on society will begin to crumble. The candy man can only so long as the candy man can.

Glenn Beck has the right idea, begin to recreate the America we want it to be so that when the fall occurs, as it must, the strongest ones standing will be where the disillusioned will go for answers. Those who scoff at the simple truths today will thirst for them in the barren landscape of economic and societal decline which is all but inevitable now.

The way you defeat the shapeshifters, is to remain solid as a rock, hold onto the truth and the simple things that have always sustained peoples over the centuries. Faith, family, community, that is the only true progressive idea that has ever worked or ever will.

After all somebody is going to have to pick up the pieces.

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