December 9, 2012


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Don’t fall for socialist global warming hysteria

FROM-Daily Inter Lake


I enjoyed reading Bob McClellan’s nonsensical letter (“Hurricane Sandy was wake-up call,” The Daily Inter Lake, Nov. 22). In his usual rambling, McClellan retreats to the man-made global warming mantra. No matter what the climate change is, the true believers blame it on man-made global warming. If it’s hot, it’s global warming. If it’s cold, it’s global warming. If it’s dry, it’s global warming. If it’s wet, it’s global warming. So of course, the same worn theory of man-made global warming must be dragged out to explain any climatic catastrophe, such as Hurricane Sandy. The only problem is ... it’s not true.

One need only look at the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean temperature patterns, as respected meteorologist Joe Bastardi has done since 2006. I am not going to put you to sleep with a description of cyclical oceanic temperatures [Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO), the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO), and the El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO)]. Nor am I an expert in meteorology. But I have read a bit and heard good descriptions of how these oceanic temperature patterns affect the United States.

The oceans are changing from a warming trend to one of cooling which brings tumultuous weather to the mid-Atlantic and New England regions of the United States and drought to the Southwest, exactly as occurred in the 1950s and 1960s. So why do we have to find a new explanation for this pattern of oceanic temperature change which produces mid-Atlantic hurricanes and drought? Let me propose a theory.

If the liberals want to further restrict our personal freedom — the cars we drive, the houses we build, the cost of fuels and electricity, etc., etc., etc. — and because of push-back by an increasing number of real scientists, why not up the ante? The liberals are finding it very difficult to get most people to return to Third World country lifestyles by scaring them with tall tales describing the disappearance of New York City into a rising ocean of somewhere between an inch and 20 feet and the spontaneous combustion of Arizona due to a temperature rise of somewhere between 1 degree and 10 degrees Fahrenheit. (The exact amount of melting and warming varies a tad depending on which totally unproved computer model which grant-dependent so-called scientist publishes to please which liberal funding agency.) Of course all of these doomsday predictions are to occur at some nebulous time a hundred or more years into the future making it even harder to scare people.

So why not just take any bad weather — drought, flooding, hurricanes — and say that global warming is the culprit. After all, Hurricane Sandy is hurting people right now. No need to PROVE anything. After all, man-made global warming, blaming carbon dioxide for all the aforementioned problems, is merely theory. So if the theory doesn’t fit the carbon dioxide or temperature curves, change your computer model a bit (last I heard there were nine) or just lie (I hope it’s OK to use this word ... seems only liberals can use it to describe conservatives), as Dr. Michael Mann did in the infamous “hockey stick” graph of average global temperature.

And, most important, disparage anyone who dares to point out the failings and inadequacies of your theory. Distorting the truth and character assassination both form the central theorem of man-made global warming and are the core of liberal doctrine.

Most important, if you can’t get Congress to cripple the country by restricting the harvesting and use of our plentiful natural resources, just get your EPA to declare that carbon dioxide, the gas that is the foundation of all life, is a pollutant, thus allowing them to regulate its production.
If we’re lucky, they’ll continue to let us breathe (every breath exhales carbon dioxide), though, at some time, don’t be surprised if we conservatives have to pay for that privilege also!

Myerowitz is a resident of Columbia Falls.

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