June 6, 2011

"Notable Quotes"

"Little need be said any more about Al Gore, his homes, his private jetting, his hyping Armageddon on his way to a billion-dollar eco-empire other than that he is a totem for a sophisticated, wealthy class of Westerners who find psychological penance for their own lavish lives by making others less fortunate feel miserable about getting up in the morning and driving to work or taking a hot shower. In that regard, his carbon credit/offset schemes were medieval indulgences to the core. “Crazed sex poodle” indeed — or so the masseuse claimed."

Victor Davis Hanson

1 comment:

  1. Live with less while we live in luxury. Cate Blanchet gave Aussie's the ECO-FINGER recently in an add promoting a carbon tax, same hypocrite lives a life of luxury & jet sets the globe, while old people in Australia freeze from the cold & stay in bed all day.