February 8, 2011

The UN has Become a Clear Danger to Our Energy Future and National Sovereignty

FROM-Energy Tribune

By Art Horn

f you’re like me, a denizen of western civilization, the United Nations has targeted you and me. The crosshairs are trained on how we use energy and the intent is to change our energy generation methods and sources. This is a way for the UN to rule our future.

The UN firmly and unambiguously believes that using fossil fuels to power our civilization will destroy the climate of the world. Well, at least that’s what they say in public.Christiana Figueres was the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change held at Cancun Mexico late last year. At the start of the convention she stated “We are all aware of how critical low-carbon growth is. While current energy generation contributes 80 percent of total CO2 emissions, global demand for energy is set to increase by up to 30 percent by 2030, especially in developing countries, which need reliable energy to grow their economies. In order to avoid a technological lock-in that could be disastrous for the next generation, decisions on both energy sources and energy use need to be made now.” (Emphasis ours. Neither I nor many of my friends would be part of that all.) It is interesting that she says “especially in developing countries, which need reliable energy to grow their economies.” Trouble is that wind and solar power, the darlings of the environmentalist religion, are the least reliable energy sources available. The reason she says this is because the debate is not really about energy; it’s about power and not the type that’s generated to make electricity.

What Figueres’ statement translates to is that the United Nations wants to stop the western world from using fossil fuels. They want to control the energy policy of the United States and all developed nations as a means to an end. Ms. Figueres and the others at the convention have a goal of re-inventing the way we make and use energy into their vision of the future with no regard to our national sovereignty or prosperity. In fact there is a not so hidden disdain for our prosperity. At the end of the convention she went on to say “All countries, but particularly industrialized nations, need to deepen their emissions reduction efforts and to do so quickly.” What she means is if they move fast enough maybe nobody will notice what they’re really up to.

Ms. Figueres is not blind to the fact that at least in the western world people are becoming more skeptical of the threat posed by global warming. The vast majority of people do not understand the science that disputes and crushes man-made global warming theory but they can tell when they’re being hoodwinked. In 2006 a Gallup poll showed 30 percent of Americans thought that global warming in the news was “generally exaggerated.” Today that number has increased significantly to 48 percent and shows signs of continuing an upward trend. To combat this kind of thinking the UN and particularly Ms. Figueres are making more and more alarming statements about how global warming is destroying the world now, and not some time in the distant future.

In her opening statement at the Cancun conference she said “In the arena of climate change, the list of vulnerable nations is long and growing: Tuvalu, Maldives, Kiribati, Vanuatu are looking for ways to evacuate their entire population because of salt water intrusion and rising sea levels. Sooner rather than later, island nations will have to seek refuge in other higher lying countries. Their fate is a wake up call to all of us. The floods that devastated Pakistan, Venezuela and Columbia this year are a wake up call. The wildfires that gripped Russia are a wake up call. This year’s hottest summers to-date in Japan and China are a wake up call. There will be worse impacts and no country will be exempt.” Ms. Figueres has a masters degree in anthropology with no record of any meteorological or climate education....

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