March 1, 2010

"Notable Quotes"

"Prof Jones today said it was not 'standard practice' in climate science to release data and methodology for scientific findings so that other scientists could check and challenge the research."

It is standard practice in every proper science to release date and methodology in the greatest of detail so that every aspect of the research and of the argument can be 'falsified' (using the Popper meaning of the word).

That is how science works.
That is why science works.
Not to do so puts climate research at the level of iridology, homeopoathy, and alchemy.
Add political agenda, and finding, and you have a bastardised pseudo-science barely worth another look. Unscrupulous people making money out of the latest political bandwagon, to justify further taxation by this dreadful government.

Which many of us have suspected for a long time.

- PeterMac, Ronda, Spain,

Source-from comments to this article


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