July 3, 2009

The People behind the people behind the story

I was reading this article "Europe Fails to Recognize Carbon Dioxide As a Pollutant" from Reuters. Boy what a relief that at this late stage of global insanity the most extreme political proponents of the global warming agenda could not pull the trigger on declaring a natural element necessary for life a pollutant.

The article goes on to explain this has nothing to do with the belief that carbon dioxide is pollution, it has to do with the politics and economics of the ruling, or so says Reuters in detailed righteous indignation .

I was a bit taken aback by the lack of any objectivity in the article not that I expect any from the main stream media and Reuters in particular. However even by those low standards the article was completely one sided, excoriating the ministers for not calling our breath pollution.

When I reached the end I realized why:

Reprinted with permission from Red Green and Blue

In fact the entire article which was written by a college senior studying- surprise Environmental Engineering, was just printed in full from a environmental blog site which describe themselves:

Green Options Media’s rapidly growing network of environmentally-focused blog provides users with a broad spectrum of information for making sustainable choices. Launched in February, 2007, Green Options Media has grown into a leader among “green” news and information sources aimed at general audiences.

Written by experienced professionals and topic experts, Green Options Media’s individual blogs engage visitors with authoritative content, compelling discussions, and actionable advice. Users new to the “green life” can contribute to the conversation by joining in dialogue between our writers and visitors on individual blogs. We don’t preach to the choir, or require a commitment to our vision: we invite anyone with questions, or simply curiosity, to add their voices to the community, and share their approaches to achieving abundance while lightening their environmental footprint.

GO Media was acquired in Q4 of 2008 by activism startup Virgance. Virgance represents an entirely new way to do business, functioning as an incubator for positive change. You can read about the acquisition and Virgance in TechCrunch.
Virgance of course is as unbiased a source for news stories to be flashed around the world via Reuters. They describe themselves:

About Virgance
Virgance is a company that seeks to promote world-changing activism campaigns using market-based methods that are effective, transparent,profitable, and scalable. We do online organizing to create offline positive change that is direct and tangible.

Ain't that special. Among those behind Virgance according to their web site are Quest Capital which has helped Virgance with solar projects. New Cycle Capital which describes their team:

New Cycle Capital’s Founders and General Partners, Josh Becker and Benjamin Black, have invested more than $100M in venture capital while on the investment teams at top-tier venture capital firms: Redpoint Ventures, Maveron, and Rosewood Capital. They have been instrumental as entrepreneurs and investors in such companies as Harris Interactive (Nasdaq), (Inc. 500 winner), Big Band Networks (Nasdaq), Allconnect (Inc. 500 winner), Sneaker Villa (Inner City Top 100), Vista Research (acquired by Standard &Poors), Internet REIT, Simply Hired, OnRequest Images, and Esurance.

Special General Partner, MMA Renewable Ventures, finances, owns and operates renewable energy and energy efficiency assets and brings deep expertise to the firm and our portfolio companies.

The Investment Committee includes Andy Rappaport, General Partner, August Capital, and Anne Martin, who manages venture investments for the Yale Endowment. NCC’s advisors and investors include top entrepreneurs and leading venture capitalists from across the country.

These are some of the companies and peoples behind the people behind the story on a world wide media outlet reporting why carbon dioxide is so bad and needs to be regulated as a pollutant, instead of a vital trace gas necessary for life on earth.

It is sure nice to know that those evil fossil fuel industries are being hunted down and exposed for their influence on policy. Obviously the venture capital firms through their proxies and gullible, uh activist college student reporters writing stories for Reuters are doing it to save the planet. Nice also to see that Reuters is willing to turn journalistic standards into trash, joining climate science community as despicable peddlers of deceit for a few silver coins.


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