June 26, 2009


Letters to the Editor and other People Speak

FROM- Times Union

Global warming an easy excuse

This "global warming" issue we read about all the time seems contrived and purposeful. After all, it's been no secret that the Earth's geologic history has certainly included several periods of warming and cooling since time began; that's General Science 101. Go visit the Natural History Museum in New York City if you still have doubts

But the current world hyper-attention paid to Earth's changing body temperature is too conveniently placed for those who would supercede capitalism at this time of political turmoil. Ice ages and locally extended droughts were known and quite generally accepted a hundred years ago as "part of life," as a provable "astronomical rhythm" observable in our solar system and elsewhere beyond. Certainly not unique to our planet, Earth.

It would seem at this media-centric time of anti-capitalism, "global warming" -- or "climate change" as the admonishment has moderated of late -- is intended to attack the American Way and amounts to one more arrow in the quiver of socialism, Earth's creeping virus of fatalism.

Marshall Cassidy

Saratoga Springs


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