June 17, 2009

Kill the RAT in the House

The “Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme” which is now in Parliament, starts with a lie and goes downhill from there.

It is not about carbon or pollution. It aims to Ration and Tax man’s production of carbon dioxide (CO2), but it will have no benefits for the climate or the environment. It is better named “the RAT scheme”.

There is no human activity whatsoever that does not generate CO2, and no plant can grow without a generous supply of CO2 in the atmosphere. More than any other substance on earth, production of CO2 measures human prosperity and plant growth.

The RAT scheme thus plans to ration and tax human prosperity and plant growth. Never has a more destructive bill appeared in our Parliament.

Thank goodness we have some terriers in Parliament trying to kill this RAT.

Viv Forbes


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