May 24, 2009

Recommended Letter from a reader

Below is a letter from a reader which is both appreciated and very informative. I recommend that all who wish take advantage of his kind offer to use his well researched and timely presentation to contact your local representative. I will post a permanent link to Paul's presentation in the sidebar so that it can readily be found by all who wish to use it. Thank you Paul for your kind gift.

Hello, Read your blog on a daily basis.

Enjoy it very much.I've composed a document that I'm sending to my congressional representative (Judy Biggert, 13th District, IL). I thought maybe your readers might want to share the document with their representatives before a vote is taken on Waxman-Markey bill. Or, they can use as much as the document's content to compose their own letter to their representative (100% plagiarism entirely acceptable in this case).

Here's where the document (PDF) can be downloaded from:

Thanks for any consideration on this.


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