April 4, 2009

Lobotomized Science

Back when consensus science was that lobotomies were a good way to treat mental disorders, they had one thing going for them that the current consensus on global warming does not, their misguided theory showed results.

After all if you cut out a portion of a person’s brain you are bound to change the persons personality, and lobotomies achieved that goal.

On the other hand the theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming relies on the premise that added CO2 in the atmosphere (man made only of course, preferably from Western Countries the evil US being the main culprit) will cause a chain reaction of events, all of them predictable and all of them bad.
First the minor warming of the atmosphere by minuscule portion of man-made carbon dioxide will cause evaporation of water vapor into the atmosphere (the primary greenhouse gas). This will in turn set off a chain reaction of increased warming which will only end when most of the world’s species are extinct, survivors of the now impotent human race are racked with kidney stones partaking in cannibalism while kayaking through the streets of New York.

From the IPCC Charter

The role of the IPCC is to assess on a comprehensive, objective, open and transparent basis the scientific, technical and socio-economic information relevant to understanding the scientific basis of risk of human-induced climate change, its potential impacts and options for adaptation and mitigation.

I like objectivity, how about you? It is, I would venture, a key ingredient, if not the key to good science. I must admit that I am not objective when it comes to the IPCC or much of anything they do or say, but then again I'm just a dumb old carpenter with absolutely no training in science. But in my defense, I do have a mind and I can read and reason deductively. I have also been around long enough to deduce a good snow job when I see one, wow maybe I do have meteorological training.

The question I put before you today, or until I come up with a new one is this. Is the climate science community, led by the IPCC, objective? Is this even important?

I would say yes whether you believe in global warming or not. The climate science's objectivity, their pronouncements, their recommendations have had a direct impact in the shaping of political, economic and societal changes throughout the world. These changes and recommendations are growing more extreme and infecting the body politic of the world like a cancer. If in fact we are nearing a disaster of Biblical proportions, isn't objectivity more important than ever?

Here is a summary that came out of the recent all soo important meeting of the climate science community in Copenhagen, from this oh so humble headline article in the UK Guardian, Six ways to save the world: scientists compile list of climate change clinchers which in part says

...The congress was conceived as an update of the science of global warming ahead of the UN summit in December. The most recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report published in 2007 is now three to four years out of date.
Climatic trends

Recent observations confirm that, given high rates of observed emissions, the worst-case IPCC scenario projections (or even worse) are being realised. For many key parameters, the climate is already moving beyond the patterns of natural variability within which our society and economy have developed and thrived. These parameters include global mean surface temperature, sea-level rise, ocean and ice sheet dynamics, ocean acidification, and extreme climatic events. There is a significant risk that many of the trends will accelerate, leading to an increasing risk of abrupt or irreversible climatic shifts.

So what is the scientific basis for these pronouncements? There is no doubt that atmospheric CO2 is increasing, here is a graph from one of those doomsday web sites

Are atmospheric CO2 concentrations accelerating since the last IPCC report in 2007? Nope.

Here are The WMO (the IPCC) official temperatures going back to 2003.

2003******* 58.037
2004******* 57.999
2005******* 58.055
2006******* 57.960
2007******* 57.913
2008******* 57.740

And here is the last thirty years of Satellite Temperatures.

Larger View
Are temperatures accelerating at an alarming rate? Nope.

Here is the official Sea Level graph from CSU as taken from Jason Satellite measurements.

Are sea levels rising? Nope.

I will not even get into the Ocean Acid crapola for now.

As of this writing global sea ice is basically at the same level as the average it has been measured at since 1979.

Are extreme climatic events occurring? Who knows? Where is the proof? There are all kind of studies of the impact for future events based on increased global temperatures, but you have to have the first (global warming) before you can have the second (increased climate events) maybe. But that's the scare right?

Now we have this so called scientific community telling us that even if you have decades of cooling, it is all part of the theory. Even if the Greenland Ice sheets stop melting, it is all part of the theory. If you have record floods caused by the melting of record snow, it's all part of the theory. We are now even told, that the effects of global warming will be regional in nature. In other words one side of a continent can be colder than normal while the other half is warmer than normal and this is all global warming. How in the world can that be called global? I call that normal.

The so called science of Anthropogenic Global Warming is primarily based upon computer modeling or what I affectionately call CYBER WAG. Let me put this as bluntly as I can. A bunch of greenie nerds with computers have found themselves with power beyond their wildest dreams. The power not only to project the future on their computer simulations, but the power to shape public policy based on this semi-fantasy world they have created in order to scare the world into submission to their view of Utopia.

The irony is that the very tools they use to create their fantasy world are a product of human advancement only made possible by the very industrial and technological growth they so condemn and would tear down by their CYBER WAG theories.

We (mankind) may indeed descend into a new dark age of primal survival, but it will not be because human achievement has destroyed our planet. Rather it will be that human achievement has developed a class of elitist nincompoops who are incapable of seeing the forest for the trees.

Bring back the lobotomies!

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