May 10, 2014

Scientists say CO2 is going to starve us

Just when you thought it was safe to exhale, scientists now say that your nasty CO2 is robbing rice of its protein. You may be responsible for starving future generations with every breath you take.
Vincent van Gogh Wheat Fields After the Rain (Wiki Commons)
Vincent van Gogh Wheat Fields after the rain
| CREDIT: Wiki Commons
Sometimes there are things that are so obvious and simple to understand that to watch as seemingly rational people misrepresent reality in order to promote a distorted view of life is both disheartening and infuriating. There are things in nature and life which are basics and the very building blocks of life, carbon dioxide is one of them. We have discussed this before but a recent “scientific” study compels me to revisit the issue.
Before we get to the study let’s review the real benefits indeed the necessity of carbon dioxide, (CO2) in the biosphere.
At a fundamental level, carbon dioxide is the basis of nearly all life on Earth, as it is the primary raw material or “food” that is utilized by plants to produce the organic matter out of which they construct their tissues, which ultimately becomes the food for all animals, including humans. consequently the more CO2 in the air, the better plants grow, which has been demonstrated in literally thousands of laboratory and field experiments.
This is not even a debatable statement, no scientist in any field regardless of his stance on “man-made” climate change would dispute this basic biological truth. And this is a problem. This fundamental biological fact has always been an irritant to the climate cult’s agenda. It is very difficult to attack an element that literally sustains life at the most basic level. But turning life’s miracle element into something to be feared, is precisely what the climate cult continues to do.  Usually however they do this by disconnecting CO2 from its primary function in nature and focus everyone’s attention on what in reality is carbon dioxide’s minor contribution to the “greenhouse” effect.  When they do connect CO2 to plants and the biosphere it usually involves the tenacious connection of warming “caused by” CO2 which in turn harms plant life through droughts, floods, snow, pestilence or whatever . Seldom do the alarmist attempt to directly connect CO2 and any negative effect on plants since there simply is no such connection, until now.
From the BBC:
Rising levels of CO2 around the world will significantly impact the nutrient content of crops according to a new study.
So we are mow being told that carbon dioxide which plants need to grow, cannot exist without, which in fact grow better, faster and with greater biomass the more CO2 that is available to them, lose nutrients as the result of increased amounts of  that same CO2. Oh and of course this is no small deal either, this increased atmospheric plant food, (CO2) will cause mass starvation throughout the world.
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