February 28, 2011


Sanity in the Main Stream Media

FROM-Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Energy failure

Recent rolling blackouts in Texas and a natural gas "emergency" in New Mexico during a cold snap should focus attention on the empty promise of the Obama administration's "Team Green" approach.

At issue is what the administration's energy policies -- shifting from conventional sources to "green alternatives" -- will mean for Americans already feeling the chill when energy supplies don't keep pace with public demand.

In Texas, The Dallas Morning News reported that the blackouts stemmed from a breakdown of clustered coal-fired power plants, which was compounded when natural gas-fired backup plants didn't have enough fuel. And record cold prompted New Mexico's demand for natural gas and the resulting shortages.

But how will Texas and New Mexico meet existing demands, never mind future needs, amid punishing federal regulations that demonize conventional energy sources -- namely coal and natural gas?

Instead of providing help, President Obama's Environmental Protection Agency has been fighting Texas over regulating new power plants. And similar regulations already are crimping domestic oil and natural gas drilling, according to The Heritage Foundation.

The service disruptions are a stark reminder that Congress must tap into readily available abundant domestic energy sources to meet the nation's growing demand for fuel. Otherwise more Americans might find themselves left in the cold in the middle of winter.

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