February 16, 2010


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FROM- Salt Lake Tribune

Climate conspiracy

Public Forum Letter

Yes, Peg McEntee, there is a global warming, err ... , climate-change conspiracy ("Is global warming a plot? Mm, nah," Tribune , Feb. 7). Have you not heard of "climategate"? Hundreds of e-mails and other documents show prominent British and American scientists losing and fudging inconvenient data. Then there are the efforts to suppress peer-reviewed studies that question whether CO2 levels will lead to catastrophe, plus the cover-up of 49 Chinese meteorological stations in a climate change study that had no histories or were moved during the study, invalidating their data.

Believe it or not, critics of global warming do not wish to breathe toxic air or drink polluted water. But spending trillions on a distant and dubious good is another matter. Why not spend some of this money for a current need in Africa, like for mosquito nets, clean water and efficient farming methods?

The 20th century American economist Stuart Chase wrote: "For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don't believe, no proof is possible." We all have beliefs, some of them irrational, but all beliefs do not involve changing societies and bankrupting economies.

Kelly Nelson
West Valley City

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