January 23, 2010

Two Senators and the world upside down

The recent election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts has sent a shock wave across the American political scene which is becoming more and more apparent as the days go by. The idea that one Senator, from one state in a single election could cause such a profound shift in the dynamics of the whole spectrum of domestic policy is staggering.

It is a reminder that a single person, a single event in the course of history can transform everything in what amounts to the blink of an eye. Scott Brown's election has also affected policies of other nations that will have global significance that most people are not even aware of (more on that in a bit). But first I wanted to focus on another Senator who with far less publicity, at least in the United States, also had a sudden dramatic affect on his nation and the world.

Last July I wrote briefly about Stephen Fielding a first term Senator in Australia.

For those of you who have not been following the amazing saga of SenatorStephen Fielding in Australia I post this article by him. This single politician is putting the entire Australian emission scheme on hold by simply asking questions which nobody seems to be able to answer. The people who promote this travesty of science for political power are beginning to have their house of cards collapse around them. One can only hope it buries them in the ash heap of history where they belong. BTW Senator Fielding has a degree in engineering and is a first term Senator.

I then linked to his Op Ed where he explained his problem with the answers he was receiving both in Australia and here in the United States about the science of global warming. I wrote a bit more about him recognizing the possible importance of "A man with the world in his hands?"

It is possible that Senator Fielding in Australia may be the most important person in the world. If whatever answers he receives or does not receive turns him against Australia's emissions scheming (ETS) thus killing it, it could change the entire global political process regarding emissions. Time is the alarmist enemy, perhaps even more than skeptical scientist. People can be ignored or marginalized, but declining temperatures and cold winters are eating away at their falling credibility. The longer that a so called "global solution" is postponed the more likely it will be that people will wake up to the deception. It seems though that this Senator cares more about truth than political expediency which is the most one could hope for given the history of this sad affair.

As it turned out he did not get the answers he was looking for and being the key vote on this important legislation, much like Scott Brown here in the United States on Health Care, not only did the ETS (Australia's Cap and Trade) fail, but the leadership of the minority party was replaced and the public has grown more skeptical of the whole global warming hysteria.

The fact that Australia did not pass this ETS was a big blow to the momentum leading up to the Copenhagen conference causing governments around the world to reevaluate their positions on the issues, then came "Climategate". The Copenhagen conference was pretty much a failure despite the attempted spin but they did reach a somewhat muted agreement called the Copenhagen Accord that at least people could point to as progress. Then came the election of Scott Brown.

From a January 23, 2010 article in India's newspaper The Hindu- "India, China won't sign Copenhagen Accord"

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has written to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon seeking a number of clarifications on the implications of the accord that India -- with five other countries -- had negotiated in the last moments of the Copenhagen climate summit in December, the officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“That letter, and the defeat of the Democrats in the Massachusetts bypoll, has forced the UN to postpone the deadline indefinitely,” an official said. “With the
Democrats losing in one of their strongholds, the chances of the climate bill going through the US senate have receded dramatically.

“So if the US is not going to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 17 percent, which was a very weak target anyway, why should we make any commitment even if it does not have any legal teeth?” the official said.

China also appears in no mood to sign the accord.

All this of course virtually insures that any chance the Democrats had of passing Cap and Trade is now gone since both China and India are not even willing to commit to a non binding agreement.

For all intent and purpose not only is cap and trade dead in the United States but any chance for even a "show" global agreement are dead. As I pointed out last summer The longer that a so called "global solution" is postponed the more likely it will be that people will wake up to the deception.

With "Climategate" now under investigation by the House of Commons in Great Britain, calls for the head of the IPCC to resign over conflicts of interest, shoddy science or actually no science at all in the "Nobel Prize winning" IPCC report, the house of cards is indeed beginning to fall.

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