January 7, 2013

Goodbye, Lisa Jackson


Having woven her expensive web, the EPA’s director exits stage left.

By Jillian Kay Melchior

Sometimes, “good riddance” just doesn’t suffice. It is hard to imagine a bureaucrat who has done more comprehensive damage to American interests than Lisa Jackson, the departing head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

During her four years as administrator, Jackson has put her radical environmental agenda before the wellbeing of the U.S. economy, the integrity of science, and even the structure of the American political system itself.

Start with her regulatory record. Since January 2009, Jackson’s EPA has issued 20 “major” regulations — defined as rules with an economic cost of $100 million or more each year. Incidentally, that $100-million standard looks like a low-ball upon examining many of the Jackson EPA’s own economic-impact statements. These 20 rules carry a total initial cost of $7 billion, a painful capital expenditure demanded of businesses that aspire to meet compliance standards.

And that’s just for starters....

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