January 4, 2010

Global Warming - 1880s Style!

FROM-Louisville Economic Policy Examiner

During the evening hours of January 3rd, I was sitting in my living room thinking about how cold I had been all day long and actually throughout the entire New Years holiday weekend. I flipped my TV over to the Weather Channel just so I could see what the current temperature was here in Louisville when something else caught my eye.

The current temperature was 19 degrees with a high for the day of 26 and a low of 7. Those temperatures were well below Louisville’s average high and low for this date of 41 and 26 degrees. But what really caught my eye was the fact that the record low for January 3rd was -10 degrees in the winter of 1879 and the record high was 70 degrees in the winter of, wait for it, 1880!

At first I thought the figures provided for the record high and low must be a mistype, but then I confirmed them on the Weather Channel’s website. So in a one-year span of time from 1879 to 1880, the low to high temperature swung a total range of 80 degrees! Now that is some serious climate change right there!!!

It certainly makes the .5 or so degree change in the Earth’s temperature over the past decade which Al Gore has been warning us about seem rather miniscule, doesn’t it? It also makes me wonder if there were any ‘Algorederthals’ back then trying to scare the world’s population with tales of Manbearpigs and other forms of apocalyptic destruction of the Earth if something was not done to combat those wild temperature swings.

And if so, it would be curious to know if real scientists like Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell combated those warnings with actual facts rather than hype and scare tactics. Certainly Charles Darwin, who died just two years later in 1882, would have spoken up and noted that the changes in the temperatures from one January 3rd to the next were simply a part of the natural evolutionary cycles of the Earth – just like those which had existed for all of the January 3rds which had occurred prior to the years of 1879 and 1880.

Something else that struck me about the data from the Weather Channel website was the dates when record high temperatures occurred for the month of January. According to the global warming alarmists, the past decade has been the hottest in history. However, in looking at the data, there are only two dates (January 2nd in 2006 and 5th in 2007) when the hottest temperatures were achieved since the year 2000. That is the same number as those achieved prior to the year 1900 (January 3rd in 1880 and 11th in 1890). How can that be???

Now the global warming alarmists could note that many of the record lows occurred prior to 1900 whereas none of them have since 2000. However, what the data really shows to me is that there are years when temperatures are colder and years when temperatures are warmer. But there does not seem to be a clear-cut pattern of the temperatures drifting permanently in either direction and there is even less evidence that any change in temperatures is caused by human activities.

I have noted as much in a previous article, but now this data actually makes me feel even more resolute in my assertions. Plus, I have to admit that I am slightly more inclined to have more faith in the pre-1900 data because back then most likely there were not people like Gore and other Algoredethals trying to use global warming scare tactics to earn personal profits or research grant monies. After all, the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) did not even exist at that time.

All I know is that according to my programmable thermostat (which shuts down my furnace overnight and while I am at work, to all the modern-day Algorederthals out there), my furnace has had to run for over 7 hours each day this weekend just to keep my house at a decent temperature. Personally, I am hoping that a good dose of global warming will arrive in the Louisville area before my next gas bill does!

Rob Binsrick


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