December 24, 2009

Another unacceptable solution to a non problem

Since this won't hurt capitalism and will allow the evil corporate polluters to survive it obviously will need to be discredited and destroyed. Can't have CO2 being scrubbed, these chemical plants need to be shut down for a more sustainable world.

FROM- Trading Markets


TOKYO- Sumitomo Corp. and energy-saving Japanese technology developer Renaissance Energy Research KK have jointly devised a scrubber that can remove virtually 100 per cent of the carbon dioxide that chemical plants emit during the manufacturing process

In addition to being highly efficient, the new scrubber is also 80 per cent cheaper to operate than conventional systems, which use pressurized steam to remove the gas, and the initial cost is also lower, according to the company.

The new scrubber is made from special hollow-fiber membranes packed in a device through which the gases generated during chemical manufacture are passed. Each separation membrane consists of a support material sandwiching a compound that is highly reactive with the greenhouse gas.

In tests using a mixture of carbon dioxide and hydrogen, for every 1,000 molecules of carbon dioxide separated from the mix, only one molecule of hydrogen was sifted out. Renaissance Energy Research claims that this level of separation is the best in the industry.

A scrubber with a total surface area of 1,000 sq. meters of separation membrane is the size of a large truck


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