August 15, 2009

Science On Thin Ice


Antarctic Land Ice Thinning?

I considered complaining about Dhog’s idiocy at RC but ran into an improbable news story. This is an unusual post for the summer. Rather than the Arctic ice doom stories, we’re hearing about Antarctic ice doom and what’s more, it isn’t attributed to global warming, although they want it to be. Well doom is doom so we should find out what Hollywood is going to base next years movies on.

Glacier Thinning At Alarming Rate

ScienceDaily (Aug. 15, 2009) — The thinning of a gigantic glacier in Antarctica is accelerating, scientists report. The Pine Island Glacier in West Antarctica, which is around twice the size of Scotland, is losing ice four times as fast as it was a decade years ago.

Twice the size of Scotland is loosing ice four times as fast as a decade ago!! Wow. All that and the temperatures haven’t warmed......
read entire article here

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